Helping You Capitalize on the 

Brainpower of Your Entire Organization 

to Achieve Your Goals

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What would your business be like if...

All employees shared a common view of the future?

All employees were clear on their own responsibilities and were able to collaborate effectively with others?

All employees were skilled in thinking - both logical and creative thinking - to manage their day to day tasks efficiently and effectively?

"In the long history of humankind (and animalkind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." 

-- Charles Darwin


Success in today's business environment requires the combined efforts of all of your staff. Acorn Consulting provides the services and skills that will enable you to define your desired future and engage your organization to make that successful future a reality. We help you:

  • Define a visionary and achievable plan for your future.

  • Enhance the thinking skills of your staff through workshops that provide skills in collaboration, collaborative thinking, and innovative thinking.

  • Build teams that understand how to work together; how to collaborate to achieve outstanding results for your organization.

  • Maximize the productivity of your staff and minimize wasted time by building ongoing skills in meeting planning and facilitation.

  • Improve your organization by removing obstacles to productivity, creativity, and collaboration and replacing them with structures and culture that enhances each employee's and team's ability to work efficiently and effectively.

Acorn Consulting specializes in helping your organization be as effective as it can be.


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