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Mel Marsh is founder and principal of Acorn Consulting of Springfield, Ohio. Acorn Consulting helps you capitalize on the energy and brainpower of all in your organization to achieve your goals. Mel helps you define your ideal future and engage your employees to work towards that future.

"Hi Mel,
You are a first-class, top-drawer consultant! I am so impressed by the work you have done to get us into the strategic planning. Wow. "
   -- Janice Wilson, President, Antioch Writers' Workshop


Mel MarshMel has been certified by the Center for Creative Leadership to use the KEYS instrument. KEYS assesses how well an organization's overall work environment supports or hinders productivity and creativity at work. Using the findings from this survey, Mel helps the organization take specific, targeted steps to remove the obstacles that hinder an employee's ability to work effectively.

Mel's ability to visualize the future, the present, and the steps needed to reach the future enables her to serve as an outstanding resource and facilitator for strategic planning work. Her planning framework is highly participatory and results in plans that are visionary, achievable, and supported by the organization.

Through Mel's work with many teams, both in the business world and in the volunteer world, she identified critical success factors for well-performing teams. She has developed a unique workshop called Creating Collaboration to guide teams toward these success factors.

Mel--A somewhat belated note to thank your for your efforts on behalf of WorkPlus. What sets you apart from other consultants is your ability to inject critical thinking into the process. Said another way, you're much more than a facilitator. And that's exactly what we needed. You can certainly add us to your list of satisfied clients. Thanks, again. "
   -- Geoff Steele, Clark County Department of Jobs & Family Services

Mel has studied creative thinking and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) with the Ned Herrmann Group. The HBDI assesses thinking style preferences of individuals and teams. Ned Herrmann Group has found that thinking style preferences impact many work areas including teamwork, communication, and creativity. Mel uses the HBDI when working with teams and in teaching innovative thinking.

Applied Practical Thinking TrainingŪ has certified Mel to teach Edward De Bono's Six Thinking HatsŪ. Mel has incorporated the Six Thinking Hats concepts into the Collaborative Thinking Workshop to help groups work together more effectively.

Since her graduation from California State University of Fresno, Mel has worked for the US government, for Fortune 100 companies as well as for herself. For over 20 years Mel has developed and delivered workshops and seminars to companies and organizations around the world.

During her college years she received a scholarship from the Rotary Club Foundation to study in Germany for one year and serve as an "Unofficial Ambassador of Good Will."

Mel is a member of Rotary International, the Innovation Network and the American Society for Training and Development. She is also a member of the board of the Clark County Leadership Association and President of the board of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

Contact Mel to see how she can improve the performance of your organization.

Mel is also an award winning potter. Visit her website at www.mellopottery.com to see samples of her work.




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